Karlsruhe School of Elementary Particle and Astroparticle Physics: Science and Technology (KSETA)

Carsten Roettele


Institute: ETP
Room: CN 402/208
Phone: 0721-608-24671
Email: Carsten.Roettele#kit.edu

PhD Thesis

Title: Tritium suppression factor of the KATRIN transport section
Date of oral exam: 07.06.2019

Annual reports

2016: Link
2017: Link
2018: Link

Conferences and Talks

  • DPG Fruehjahrstagung Hamburg 2016: Status of the Cryogenic Pumping Section of the KATRIN Experiment
  • Neutrino Conference London 2016: Results of the First Cool-down of the KATRIN Cryogenic Pumping Section (Poster)
  • Helmholtz Matter and the Universe Programmtag Mainz 2016: Cryogenic Pumping Section of KATRIN: Performance of tritium retention by cold trap (Poster)
  • DPG Fruehjahrstagung Dresden 2017: Performance of the KATRIN Cryogenic Pumping Section
  • DPG Fruehjahrstagung Berlin 2018: Measurement and simulation of deuterium and tritium retention in the KATRIN beam line
  • Neutrino Conference Heidelberg 2018: Retention measurements of the KATRIN Cryogenic Pumping Section (Poster)
  • Astroparticle Physics in Germany Mainz 2018: Performance of the KATRIN Source and Transport Section during First Tritium measurement campaign (Poster)


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