Karlsruhe School of Elementary Particle and Astroparticle Physics: Science and Technology (KSETA)

Dr. Daniela Schaefer

Institute: ETP

Room: CS 30.23/ R.9-10

Phone: +49 721 608 43559 ETP

E-mail: Daniela.Schaefer#kit.edu


PhD Thesis

PhD Thesis
Subject: Search for Diboson Resonances in the Full-Hadronic Final State with the CMS Detector
Type:PhD Thesis
Date:06. December 2019

PD. Dr. Mozer

Prof. Dr. Müller

Author:Daniela Schaefer
Links:PhD Thesis

Master Thesis

Master Thesis
Subject: Model-Independent Limits on Diboson Resonances with the CMS Detector
Type:Master Thesis
Date:02. November 2016

Prof. Dr. Müller

Prof. Dr. Husemann

Author:Daniela Schaefer
Links:Master Thesis


  • Search for heavy resonances in the all-hadronic vector-boson pair final state with a multi-dimensional fit
    CMS Collaboration, CMS-PAS-B2G-18-002, to be published
  • Pileup mitigation at CMS in 13 TeV data
    CMS Collaboration, CMS-PAS-JME-18-001, to be published
  • Search for massive resonances decaying into WW, WZ, ZZ, qW and qZ in the dijet final state at 13 TeV
    CMS Collaboration, CMS-PAS-B2G-17-001, Phys. Rev. D 97, 7, doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.97.072006
  • Search for massive resonances decaying into WW, WZ or ZZ bosons in proton-proton collisions at 13 TeV
    CMS Collaboration, CMS-B2G-16-004, CERN-EP-2016-296 (2017)
  • Model-Independent Limits on Diboson Resonances with the CMS Detector at 13 TeV
    Daniela Schaefer, Master thesis, IEKP-KA/3016-21 (2016)
  • An SU(5) times A5 golden ratio flavour model
    Julia Gehrlein, Jens P. Oppermann, Daniela Schaefer, Martin Spinrath, Nucl. Phys. B 890 (2014)

  • Conferences and Talks

    Conferences and Talks (Selection)
    Topic Conference Location
    Talk on behalf of the CMS Collaboration, SUSY2018: 26th International Conference on Supersymmetry and Unification of Fundamental Interactions 23.--27 Jul 2018, Barcelona
    Talk and Poster at the D-CMS Workshop 2019 11--13. Sep 2019, Karlsruhe
    Talk at the D-CMS Workshop 2018 19--21. Sep 2018, Hamburg
    Talk at the D-CMS Workshop 2016 05--07. Oct 2016, Hamburg
    Poster at ESHEP2018: 2018 CERN-JINR European School of High-Energy Physics 20. Jun--3. Jul 2018, Maratea
    Talk at the B2G Winter Workshop 04--05. Dec 2016, Geneva
    Talk at the B2G Winter Workshop
    Talk at DPG Spring Meeting 2019 25--29. Mar 2019, Aachen
    Talk at DPG Spring Meeting 2018 19--23. Mar 2018, Wuerzburg
    Talk at DPG Spring Meeting 2017 27--31. Mar 2017, Muenster
    Talk at DPG Spring Meeting 2016 29. Feb --04. Mar 2016, Hamburg

    Advanced Training

    KSETA Courses

    • Introduction to Raspberry Pi
    • Software Design for Scientists
    • Probing the early Universe with Gravitational Waves
    • What to do after leaving Science?
    • Self-assessment and Application
    • Understanding Machine Learning Methods
    • Introduction to Multivariate Classification: Traditional Techniques and Deep Learning
    • Introduction to Quantum Computing
    • Software Design for Scientists

    Workshops and Schools

    • Research stay at CERN, Geneva, from 01.03.2018-31.08.2018
    • 26 - 30/Aug/2019, GridKa School, Karlsruhe, Introduction to Go, Advanced Go: writing concurrent and distributed programs, Productive GPU Programming with OpenACC
    • 04- 05/Feb/2019, Workshop, Zurich, Machine Learning for High Energy Physics - a mini course, How to do ultra fast Deep Neural Network inference on FPGAs
    • 23 - 25/Jan/2019, Fulda, ``Workshop zur Vermittlung von Teilchenphysik'', Workshop to train the explanation of particle physics topics to the public.
    • 20/Jun - 02/Jul/2018, Marathea, European School of High Energy Physics: Physics Beyond the Standard Model, Field Theory and the EW Standard Model, Cosmology and Dark Matter, QCD Under Extreme Conditions, Higgs Physics, Neutrino Physics, LHC Run-2 and Future Prospects, Practical Statistics, QCD, Gravitational Waves, Flavor Physics and CP Violation
    • 05 - 15/Sep/2017, Maria Laach, 49. Herbstschule f\"ur Hochenergiephysik, Resultate des LHC, Semiconductor Detector Technologies, Electroweak Symmetry Breaking, QCD at the LHC, Flavour Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology, Particle Physics without Accelerators
    • 29/Aug - 02/Sep/2016, GridKa School, Karlsruhe, Big Data Analysis (R), Modern Programming Techniques, Multi-Core and GPU Computing

    Teaching Experience

    Thesis Supervision, KIT

    • Topic: ``Improving Diboson Analysis--b-tags and Multi-Dimensional Fits''-- Masters Thesis by Valerie Scheurer
    • Topic:``Trigger Studies on 2017 CMS Data for decays into VV and Vq for dijet final states''-- Bachelor Thesis by Marco Link


    • Promoting Particle Physics -- Masterclasses: ``Netzwerk Teilchenwelt'', Promoting Particle Physics in Schools, by offering a one day course in Particle Physics for students
    • Mentoring Students (age 12-19), Heidelberg, Mentor in the ``Heidelberger Life Science Lab'' to foster scientifically and mathematically interested and gifted students, managing the ``Theoretische Physik'' and ``Klima und Umwelt'' AG from 2009--2015.


    KSETA report for 2017: pdf KSETA report for 2018: pdf KSETA final report: pdf