Karlsruhe School of Elementary Particle and Astroparticle Physics: Science and Technology (KSETA)

Geertje Heuermann


Institute: EKP (CN)
Room: 108, Bld 402
Phone: + 49 (0)721 608 - 24672
Email: geertje.heuermann#kit.edu

PhD Thesis

"Active shielding of a 1-ton cryogenic detector array for Dark Matter search "


Conferences and Talks (since 2012)

  • Spring Workshop on GEANT4 simulations (Oct 28th - Nov 2nd 2013), iThemba Labs, Cape Town
  • KSETA Workshop 2013 (Oct 16th - 18th 2013), Freudenstadt:
    "Introduction to GEANT4"
  • The International School for AstroParticle Physics (ISAPP) (Jul 27th - Aug 6th 2013), Stockholm:
    "The EURECA Active Shielding Concept"
  • Wissenschaftsfestival Karlsruhe "Effekte" (Jun 06th 2013), Karlsruhe:
    "Was ist diese dunkle Materie eigentlich?"
  • DPG Spring Meeting (Mar 4th - 8th 2013), Dresden:
    "The EURECA Active Shielding Concept"
  • HGF Midterm Evaluation POF-II Programme Astro (Nov 26th - 27th 2012), KIT:
    "Muon-induced Signatures in Dark Matter Search"
  • Workshop "Data Analysis and Detector Technologies of the HAP Dark Universe" (Nov 18th - 23rd 2012), Burg Liebenzell:
    "A water Cherenkov muon-veto for EURECA"
  • Workshop ATP in Deutschland (Sep 19th - 21st 2012), DESY-Zeuthen:
    "Muon-induced signatures in Dark Matter searches from EDELWEISS to EURECA"
  • Summer school on dark matter detectors (Jul 11th - 21st 2012), KICP University of Chicago:
    "Monte Carlo Simulation of μ- induced Background"

Teaching (since 2012)


  • Equal opportunity commissioner (KSETA)
  • Representative of doctoral fellows at the KSETA Scientific Board