Karlsruhe School of Elementary Particle and Astroparticle Physics: Science and Technology (KSETA)

Hannes Mildner


Institute: EKP (CN)
Room: 418
Phone: 24173
Email: hannes.mildner#cern.ch


Measurements of the top-Higgs coupling with the CMS experiment

Referent: Prof. Ulrich Husemann
Referent: Prof. Guenter Quast
Fakultaet fuer Physik
Pruefung am 25.11.2016


Publications in Refereed Journals

Other Publications


  • Measurement of the top-Higgs coupling with the CMS experiment
    KSETA Plenary Workshop, Durbach, 2017
  • First Run II SM Higgs results from ATLAS and CMS
    SM@LHC, Pittsburgh, 2016
  • Approval of CMS-PAS-HIG-16-004 (Search for ttH production in the H --> bb decay channel)
    Moriond Approval Talk (CMS internal), 2016
  • ttH at CMS
    9th Annual Meeting of the Helmholtz Alliance, Hamburg, 2015
  • Search for ttH in the semi-leptonic decay channel
    FSP CMS Workshop, Karlsruhe, 2015
  • Measuring the top-Higgs coupling
    GRK 1694 Workshop, Freudenstadt, 2015
  • Messung der Top-Higgs-Kopplung in assoziierter Produktion
    DPG Tagung, Wuppertal, 2015
  • Boosted ttH with CMS
    8th Annual Meeting of the Helmholtz Alliance, Hamburg, 2014
  • Measuring a pseudoscalar ttH coupling in associated production
    DPG Tagung, Mainz, 2014
  • Measurement of Jet Multiplicity in Semileptonic Top Pair Events
    FSP CMS Workshop, Hamburg, 2013
  • Suche nach Higgs-Boson-Produktion in Assoziation mit einem Top-Quark-Paar am CMS-Experiment
    DPG Tagung, Dresden, 2013
  • First Studies and Plans for Higgs boson search in ttH channel
    FSP CMS Workshop, Zeuthen, 2012


  • 46. Herbstschule fuer Hochenergiephysik, Maria Laach, 2014