Karlsruhe School of Elementary Particle and Astroparticle Physics: Science and Technology (KSETA)

Lukas Hehn


Institute: IKP
Room: 106, Bld. 402 (CN)
Phone: +49 (0)721 608 - 23549
Email: lukas.hehn#kit.edu

PhD thesis

Search for Dark Matter signals with a multidimensional Maximum Likelihood Method
date of defense: June 24th, 2016


publications in refereed journals

  • L. Hehn et al., "Improved EDELWEISS-III sensitivity for low-mass WIMPs using a profile likelihood approach", accepted for publication in Eur. Phys. J. C, (arXiv:1607.03367)
  • Q. Arnaud et al., "Signals induced by charge-trapping in EDELWEISS FID detectors: analytical modeling and applications", submitted to JINST, (arXiv:1606.08097)
  • E. Armengaud et al., "Constraints on low-mass WIMPs from the EDELWEISS-III dark matter search", JCAP 05, 019, (arXiv:1603.05120)
  • E. Armengaud et al., "Development and underground test of radiopure ZnMoO4 scintillating bolometers for the LUMINEU 02 project", JINST 10, P05007
  • E. Armengaud et al. "Axion searches with the EDELWEISS-II experiment", JCAP11(2013)067, (arXiv:1307.1488)
  • B. Schmid et al. "Muon-induced background in the EDELWEISS dark matter search", Astropart. Phys. 44 (2013) 28, (arXiv:1302.7112)

other publications

  • Lukas Hehn, "Search for dark matter in EDELWEISS-III with a multidimensional maximum likelihood method", dx.doi.org/10.5445/IR/1000059021
  • E. Armengaud et al., "Measurement of the cosmogenic activation of germanium detectors in EDELWEISS-III", (arXiv:1607.04560)
  • D.V. Poda for the EDELWEISS and LUMINEU collaborations, "Radiopure ZnMoO4 scintillating bolometers for the LUMINEU double-beta experiment", AIP Conf. Proc. 1672, 040003
  • Lukas Hehn on behalf of the EDELWEISS Collaboration "The EDELWEISS-III Dark Matter Search: Status and Perspectives", Proceedings for PANIC2014, DOI:10.3204/DESY-PROC-2014-04/235

Conferences and workshops


  • HAP Dark Matter (Sep 21st to 23rd), Karlsruhe:
    „The EDELWEISS-III search for low mass WIMPs“
  • Terascale Statistics School 2015 (Mar 23rd to 27th), DESY Hamburg
  • DPG Spring Meeting (Mar 9th to 13th), Wuppertal:
    „Erste Ergebnisse der WIMP Suche mit EDELWEISS-III“ (parallel talk)


  • 20th Particle & Nuclei International conference (PANIC, Aug 25th to 29th), Hamburg:
    „The EDELWEISS-III Dark Matter Search: Status and Perspectives" (parallel talk)
  • DPG Spring Meeting (Mar 24th to 28th), Mainz:
    „Low mass WIMP Suche mit EDELWEISS-III FID800-Detektoren“ (parallel talk)


  • KSETA PhD Workshop (October 16th to 18th), Freudenstadt
    „Introduction to RooFit“ (tutorial)
  • The International School for AstroParticle Physics (ISAPP) (Jul 27th to Aug 6th), Stockholm:
    „EDELWEISS search for low mass WIMPs with a new maximum likelihood approach“ (poster and selected talk)
  • EFFEKTE science festival (Jun 24th), Karlsruhe:
    „Bin ich radioaktiv?“ (talk, together with Bernhard Siebenborn)
  • DPG Spring Meeting (Mar 4th to 8th), Dresden:
    „Die EDELWEISS Suche nach low mass WIMPs“ (parallel talk)


  • Workshop "Data Analysis and Detector Technologies of the HAP Dark Universe" (Nov 18th to 23rd), Burg Liebenzell:
    „Maximum likelihood based analysis of low energy data in EDELWEISS“ (talk)
  • DPG Spring Meeting (Mar 19th to 23rd), Mainz:
    „Suche nach einer jahreszeitlichen Modulation in den EDELWEISS-2 Daten“ (parallel talk)


KSETA Reports