Karlsruhe School of Elementary Particle and Astroparticle Physics: Science and Technology (KSETA)

Marie Oehler


Institute: IAP
Email: marie.oehler[at]kit.edu
Phone: 0721 608 22661

PhD topic

A hybrid surface detector array at the South Pole

Publications and Proceedings with significant contribution

Development of a scintillation and radio hybrid detector array at the South Pole
First air-shower measurements with the prototype station of the IceCube surface enhancement
Detector developments for a hybrid particle and radio array for cosmic-ray air-shower detection
Silicon Photomultipliers for Orbital Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray Observation
A Scintillator and Radio Enhancement of the IceCube Surface Detector Array

Conferences and Talks

• 2018 September Astroparticle Physics conference in Germany, Mainz
• 2018 September IceCube Collaboration Meeting, Stockholm
• 2019 February Matter and the Universe Days 2019, Hamburg
• 2019 March DPG, Aachen
• 2019 April IceCube Collaboration Meeting, Madison
• 2019 September IceCube Collaboration Meeting, Chiba
• 2021 February Matter and Technologies – Detetor Technologies and Systems, virtual
• 2021 March IceCube Collaboration Meeting, virtual
• 2021 March DPG, virtual
• 2021 July International Cosmic Ray Conference, virtual
• 2021 September IceCube Collaboration Meeting, virtual


• 2018 October - 2019 February Tutor in Klassische Experimentalphysik I
• 2019 March - 2019 October Outreach: SiPM Coffee Cans
• 2019 April - 2019 June Supervision of student's internship (KHYS Internship Grant)
Visualization of air-shower simulations for a planned radio array at IceCube at the South Pole
• 2019 May - 2019 August Supervision of RISE student's internship
Improving cosmic-ray detectors
• 2019 October - 2020 October Supervision in the advanced nuclear physics students laboratory at KIT
• 2020 October - 2021 May Supervision of Bachelor student
Characterisation of the Data Acquisition System of the IceCube Surface Detector Enhancement

Additonal activities

• 2018 September KSETA excursion to ASTRON, Netherlands
• 2019 February KSETA Plenary Workshop, Durbach, poster
• 2019 August System tests at low temperatures and calibration of the IceCube: IceTop extension in collaboration with the Madison team
• 2020 January - 2020 February Deployment of a prototype station for the Scintillator and Radio Enhancement of the IceCube Surface Detector Array at the South Pole
• 2020 February KSETA Plenary Workshop, Durbach
• 2020 February - 2021 February KSETA PhD fellow representative