Karlsruhe School of Elementary Particle and Astroparticle Physics: Science and Technology (KSETA)

Meghana M Patil

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Contact Information

Institute: LAS/IBPT
Building: 345 (Campus Nord)
Room: 307
Phone: +49 721 608 23046
Email: meghana.patil@kit.edu

PhD Topic

Title: Visible light diagnostics of electron beams at the Karlsruhe Research Accelerator with high throughput data acquisition systems
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Marc Weber
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Anke-Susanne Mueller


Journal Articles

[1] Rota, L.; Caselle, M.; Bründermann, E.; Funkner, S.; Gerth, C.; Kehrer, B.; Mielczarek, A.; Makowski, D.; Mozzanica, A.; Müller, A.-S.; Nasse, M. J.; Niehues, G.; Patil, M.; Schmitt, B.; Schönfeldt, P.; Steffen, B.; Weber, M. KALYPSO: Linear array detector for high-repetition rate and real-time beam diagnostics. [DOI ]

Conference Proceedings

[1] M.M. Patil, E. Bründermann, M. Caselle, S. Funkner, B. Kehrer, A.-S. Müller, G. Niehues, W. Wang, M. Weber, C. Gerth (DESY), D.R. Makowski (TUL-DMCS), A. Mielczarek (TUL-DMCS). An Ultra-Fast and Wide-Spectrum Linear Array Detector for High Repetition Rate and Pulsed Experiments. [DOI ]
[2] Meghana Mahaveer Patil, Michele Caselle, Lorenzo Rota, Alexander Dierlamm, Marta Baselga Bacardit, Gudrun Niehues, Erik Bründermann, Marc Weber, Anke-Susanne Müller, Giacomo Borghi (FBK), Maurizio Boscardin (FBK). Novel P-in-N Si-Sensor technology for high resolution and high repetition-rate experiments at accelerator facilities. [DOI ]
[3] Brosi, M.; Boltz, T.; Bründermann, E.; Funkner, S.; Kehrer, B.; Nasse, M. J.; Niehues, G.; Patil, M. M.; Schönfeldt, P.; Schreiber, P.; Steinmann, J. L.; Müller, A.-S.. Synchronous Measurements of Electron Bunches Under the Influence of the Microbunching Instability. [DOI ]
[4] Caselle, M.; Bründermann, E.; Duesterer, S.; Funkner, S.; Gerth, C.; Haack, D.; Kopmann, A.; Patil, M.; Makowski, D.; Mielczarek, A.; Nasse, M.; Niehues, G.; Rota, L.; Steffen, B.; Wang, W.; Balzer, M.; Weber, M.; Mueller, A.-S.; Bielawski, S. Ultra-fast detector for wide range spectral measurements. [DOI ]
[5] Kehrer, B.; Brosi, M.; Bründermann, E.; Funkner, S.; Niehues, G.; Patil, M. M.; Schuh, M.; Steinmann, J. L.; Müller, A. S.; Rota, L. Turn-by-Turn Horizontal Bunch Size and Energy Spread Studies at KARA. [DOI ]
[6] Niehues, G.; Blomley, E.; Bründermann, E.; Caselle, M.; Funkner, S.; Kehrer, B.; Nasse, M. J.; Patil, M.; Rota, L.; Schuh, M.; Weber, M.; Müller, A.-S. Single-shot photon and electric field diagnostics using the linear array detector KALYPSO with MHz-range readout. [DOI ]
[7] Steinmann, J. L.; Martin, M.; Brosi, M.; Kehrer, B.; Patil, M. M.; Schreiber, P.; Caselle, M.; Müller, A.-S. Continuous Bunch-by-Bunch Reconstruction of Short Detector Pulses. [DOI ]

KSETA Activities

  • KSETA Plenary workshop 2019, Durbach
  • KSETA Annual trip 2019, GSI

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