Karlsruhe School of Elementary Particle and Astroparticle Physics: Science and Technology (KSETA)

Nick Karcher


Institute: Institute of Dataprocessing and Electronics (IPE)
Location: Campus North, B242, R305
Phone: +49 721 608-24945
Email: karcher#kit.edu

Scope of Ph.D.

In the field of high-resolution, large-bandwidth calorimetry the metallic magnetic calorimeters play a leading role. With a maximum resolution of single digit eV and a bandwidth of 10th of keV, they qualify themselve for numerous experiments. Operating the sensor at lowest temperature of about 20 mK the resolution reaches the optimum, but the difficulty of readout increases. The ECHo experiment aims to determine the scale of Neurinos mass utilizing the energy resolution and high decay statistics. The statistics rely on a large amount of calorimeters read out with a frequency multiplex scheme. Within my Ph.D. I develop a FPGA based Software-defined Radio as a sensor interface and data aquisitision system. The developed system will cover 6000 readout channels for the ECho-100k experiment.


  • Microwave SQUID Multiplexing of Metallic Magnetic Calorimeters: Status of Multiplexer Performance and Room-temperature Readout Electronics Development, JLTP 17: M. Wegner; N. Karcher; O. Kroemer; D. Richter; F. Ahrens; O. Sander; S. Kempf; M. Weber; C. Enss
  • Software Defined Radio Based Readout of Microwave SQUID Multiplexed MMC Arrays, PoS TWEPP-17: O. Sander, N. Karcher, S. Kempf, O. Kroemer, M. Wegner, C. Enss, M. Weber

Conferences, Workshops and Talks/Posters

  • FPGA basiertes Software Defined Radio für supraleitende Detektoren, SEI Tagung 2017, Karlsruhe DE
  • Software-Defined Radio Readout System for the ECHo experiment, 21th IEEE RealTime Conference 2018, Williamsburg VA USA
  • IVF Workshop on Scalable Quantum Computer 2018, Gernsbach
  • Wideband Signal Generation, Acquisition and Processing System for ECHo, ECHo Workshop Q3 2018, Heidelberg DE
  • SDR-based readout electronics for the ECHo experiment, 18th Low Temperature Detector Conference 2019, Milano IT
  • Versatile Configuration and Control Framework for Real Time Data Acquisition Systems, 22th IEEE RealTime Conference 2020, Online

Activities and Commitment within KSETA

  • Plenary Workshop 2017, Durbach
  • KSETA Fellow Representative 2017 - 2018
  • Doctoral Workshop 2017, Freudenstadt
  • Excursion DESY 2017, Hamburg
  • Plenary Workshop 2018, Durbach
  • Plenary Workshop 2019, Durbach
  • Plenary Workshop 2020, Durbach