Karlsruhe School of Elementary Particle and Astroparticle Physics: Science and Technology (KSETA)

Otto Eberhardt


Institute: TTP
Room: -
Phone: -
Email: otto.eberhardt#kit.edu


  • "Status of the two-Higgs-doublet model of type II"
    JHEP 1307 (2013) 118 [arXiv:1305.1649]
  • "Impact of a Higgs boson at a mass of 126 GeV on the standard model with three and four fermion generations"
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 109 (2012) 241802 [arXiv:1209.1101]
  • "Status of the fourth fermion generation before ICHEP2012: Higgs data and electroweak precision observables''
    Phys. Rev. D 86 (2012) 074014 [arXiv:1207.0438]
  • "Joint analysis of Higgs decays and electroweak precision observables in the Standard Model with a sequential fourth generation"
    Phys. Rev. D 86 (2012) 013011 [arXiv:1204.3872]
  • "Less space for a new family of fermions"
    Phys. Rev. D 82 (2010) 095006 [arXiv:1005.3505]

Conferences and Talks

  • "Ruling out a fourth fermion generation" (04/03/2013 DPG spring meeting in Dresden)
  • "Fourth family parameter fits" (27/03/2012 Fourth fermion generation workshop in Leinsweiler)
  • "CKM fits of the fourth family parameters" (12/12/2011 SuperB physics meeting in Frascati)
  • "Extended CKM fits" (14/09/2011 Flavour and the Fourth Family workshop in Durham)
  • "Status of CKM4 – Electroweak Fits" (06/09/2011 Workshop on single top production & fourth generation at DESY/Hamburg)
  • "Electroweak precision data and the fourth family" (28/03/2011 DPG spring meeting in Karlsruhe)
  • "How much space is left for a new family?" (17/03/2010 DPG spring meeting in Bonn)