Karlsruhe School of Elementary Particle and Astroparticle Physics: Science and Technology (KSETA)

Sebastian Mirz

Institute: IKP-TLK (CN)
Room: 319, Building 451, CN
Phone: +49 721 608 26694
Email: Sebastian.Mirz∂kit.edu

Research Topic

Investigation of Van-der-Waals Clusters of Liquid and Gaseous Hydrogen Isotopologues via Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy

Start Date: July 2014
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Guido Drexlin

Master Thesis

Simulation und experimentelle Untersuchung der Kernspinabhängigkeit der Infrarotabsorption flüssiger inaktiver Wasserstoffisotopologe

Date: Mai 2014
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Guido Drexlin

Bachelor Thesis

Aufbau und Charakterisierung eines verbesserten Laser-Raman-Systems für das KATRIN-Experiment

Date: November 2011
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Guido Drexlin


publications in peer-reviewed journals

  • Optimization and Quantification of the Systematic Effects of the Rolling Circle Filter for Spectral Pre-Processing Mirz, S., Groessle, R., Kraus, A.
    Analyst, submitted.
  • Design of a Spectroscopy Experiment for All Hydrogen Isotopologues in the Gaseous, Liquid, and Solid Phase Mirz, S., Besserer, U., Bornschein, B., Groessle, R., Krasch, B., Welte, S.
  • First Calibration of an IR Absorption Spectroscopy System for the Measurement of H2, D2, and HD Concentration in the Liquid Phase Groessle, R., Kraus, A., Mirz, S., Wozniewski, S.
  • How to Make Raman-Inactive Helium Visible in Raman Spectra of Tritium-Helium Gas Mixtures
  • Schlösser, M., Pakari, O., Rupp, S., Mirz, S., and Fischer, S,
  • First Calibration Measurements of an FTIR Absorption Spectroscopy System for Liquid Hydrogen Isotopologue for the Isotope Separation System of Fusion Power Plants
  • Größle, R., Beck, A., Bornschein, B., Fischer, S., Kraus, A., Mirz, S., and Rupp, S

talks at international conferences

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Conferences, Schools and Workshops




  • ITEP Young Scientist Workshop
    Kristberg, Austria


  • ITEP Young Scientist Workshop
    Kristberg, Germany


  • ITEP Young Scientist Workshop
    Kristberg, Germany

KSETA Workshops

  • Calculation of uncertainties with GUM, together with Sylvia Ebenhöch