Karlsruhe School of Elementary Particle and Astroparticle Physics: Science and Technology (KSETA)

Sebastian Wozniewski


Institute: ETP
Building: 30.23
Room: 8/21
Phone: 43369
Email: Sebastian.Wozniewski#kit.edu


[1] Robin Größle, Alexander Kraus, Sebastian Mirz, and Sebastian Wozniewski. First calibration of an ir absorption spectroscopy system for the measurement of h2, d2, and hd concentration in the liquid phase. Fusion Science and Technology, 71(3):369--374, 2017. [ bib | DOI | arXiv | www: ]
[2] Albert M Sirunyan et al. Search for additional neutral MSSM Higgs bosons in the ττ final state in proton-proton collisions at sqrt(s)= 13 TeV. JHEP, 09:007, 2018. [ bib | DOI | arXiv ]

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