Karlsruhe School of Elementary Particle and Astroparticle Physics: Science and Technology (KSETA)

Stefanie Falk


Collaboration Meeting 2013 Institute: Institut für Kernphysik (IKP)
Room: 339 (B425)
Phone: 23732
Email: stefanie.falk#kit.edu


2014 Nov 28

Atmospheric Influences on Space-Based Observation of Extremely High-Energy Cosmic Rays


Technical Note Pierre Auger Observatory


A First Look at HEAT Data
S. Falk, D. Kruppke-Hansen, H.-J. Mathes, S. Müller, R. Ulrich, M. Unger


Telescope Alignment Studies
S. Falk, R. Engel, R. Ulrich, M. Unger

JEM-EUSO Collaboration


Astroparticle Physics 44 (2013) 76-90
An evaluation of the exposure in nadir observation of the JEM-EUSO mission
J.H. Adams Jr. et al


Experimental Astronomy - Special Issue
The JEM-EUSO Mission
The JEM-EUSO Collaboration


European Cosmic Ray Symposium

2014 Nov - pending

Atmospheric Influence on Space-Based Observation of High-Energy Cosmic Rays

Conferences and Talks

European Cosmic Ray Symposium

2014 Sep 1-5

Atmospheric Influence on Space-Based Observation of High-Energy Cosmic Rays (Poster)

Air Fluorescence Workshop

2011 Sep 12-14



2011 Mar 28 - Apr 1

Untersuchung der Ausrichtung der Fluoreszenzteleskope des Pierre-Auger-Observatoriums (Talk)
T 102.6

2012 Feb 27 - Mar 2

Untersuchungen zum Einfluss der Atmosphäre auf die Messung extrem hochenergetischer kosmischer Strahlung aus dem Weltraum (Talk)
T 101.7

2013 Mar 4-8

Simulationsstudien für JEM-EUSO zur Variabilität der transmittierten Photonen (Talk)
T 98.4

2014 Mar 24-28

Simulationsstudien zur Transmission von UV-Licht in der Atmosphäre für JEM-EUSO (Talk)
T 26.4


2012 Sep 19-21

Prospective UHECR Observatory JEM-EUSO (Poster)
Stefanie Falk & Michael Karus

2014 Sep 29 - Oct 1

Atmospheric Influence on Space-Based Observation of Ultra High-Energy Cosmic Rays (Poster)

Summer Schools

2010 Oct 6-14

Schule für Astroteilchenphysik
High Elevation Auger Telescopes - Alignment Studien (Talk)

2011 Sep 5-8

International Summer School on Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
L'Aquila (Italy)

2012 Jun 2-13

International School for Astro Particle Physics
Paris (France)
The Atmosphere in the Light of EHECR Air Showers (Poster)

JEM-EUSO International Meeting

2013 Jun 17-21

Tenerife (Spain)
Simulation of Radiative Transfer using the JEM-EUSO Offline (Talk)

2013 Dec 2-6

Tokyo (Japan)
Software development and simulation (Discussion)

2014 Jun 9-13

Palermo (Italy)
Shower Simulation with Offline (Talk)

JEM-EUSO Simulation & Atmospheric Monitoring Meeting

2011 Nov 2-4

Kosice (Slovakia)
Describing atmospheric conditions for a X-EUSO mission (Talk)

2012 Mar 26-30

Alcala de Henares (Spain)
Update on atmospheric modelling (Talk)

2012 Oct 17-19

Versoix (Switzerland)
Inclined Shower Geometries (Talk)

2013 Apr 8-11

Photon Transmission and Cherenkov Peak (Talk)

2013 Oct 7-10

Sofia (Bulgaria)
Update on Ozone and Light Transmission (Talk via Skype)

JEM-EUSO Offline Workshop

2013 Apr 3-5


2014 Mar 3-7

Alcala de Henares (Spain)

2014 Oct 6-8

Toulouse (France)

Institutsseminar IKP

2011 Oct 25

Untersuchungen zur Ausrichtung der Fluoreszenzteleskope des Pierre-Auger-Observatoriums (Talk)

2014 Feb 11

Atmospheric Influence on Space-based Observation of Extremely High-energy Cosmic Rays (Talk)


Lectures & Seminars

2013 Aug 14-15

Space-based observation of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays
M. Bertaina

2013 Sep 17-19

The origin of cosmic rays
Astrophysical hints on dark matter
Ideas of the origin of dark energy

P. Biermann

2013 Nov 5

Advanced technology at the LHC - Higgs boson and more
L. Rossi

2013 Nov 29

Very forward particle production measurements at LHC with CMS and TOTEM
K. Kuznetsova

2014 Jul 10-11

Atmospheric Neutrinos
T. Kajita

Plenary Workshop

2014 Feb 24-26

Bad Herrenalb
Atmospheric Influence on Detection of Cosmic Rays (Talk)

Doktoranden Workshop

2014 Jul 21-23

Cosmic Ray Science on the International Space Station (Talk)
Stefanie Falk & Stefan Zeissler

Topical Courses

2013 Feb 21-27 Parallel Software Design for Scientists
B. Hegner, T. Hauth, D. Piparo (all CERN)
Monte Carlo Event Generators
S. Gieseke (KIT)
2013 Oct 8-11 Accelarator Based Particle Physics
G. Quast (KIT)
Data Analysis and Statistics
R. Barlow
Collaborative Tools for Software Development
M. Heck

Annual Reports

Jahresbericht 2013