Karlsruhe School of Elementary Particle and Astroparticle Physics: Science and Technology (KSETA)

Tobias Schulz


Institute IAP
Group Auger
Supervisors Prof. Dr. Ralph Engel (KIT), Dr. Markus Roth (KIT), Dr. David Schmidt (KIT)
Location Campus North, Building 425, Room 110
Contact tobias.schulz2(#)kit.edu
0721 608-24646


Topic Exploring the composition potential of the AugerPrime extension
Program Double Doctoral degree in Astrophysics (DDAp)
Helmholtz International Research School For Astroparticle Physics And Enabling Technologies (HIRSAP)

Theses and Publications

2018 Enhanced UHECR Event Reconstruction by means of Sampling Lateral Distributions with Multiple Surface Sub-Detectors, (Bachelor's Thesis)
2021 Estimating Mass Composition with AugerPrime, (Master's Thesis)

Collaboration Internal Publications

2020 T. Schulz, Q. Luce, M. Roth, D. Schmidt and D. Veberič. Propagating SD Core Uncertainties in Subordinate Reconstructions, GAP-Note 2020-068

Conferences and Presentations

Date Conference Talk
03/2022 DPG Spring Meeting 2022, Online A method to determine baselines of time traces at the Pierre Auger Observatory
03/2022 KSETA Plenary Wokrshop, Online
03/2021 DPG Spring Meeting 2021, Online Propagation of core uncertainties in subordinate surface detector reconstructions at the Piere Auger Observatory

KSETA Topical Courses

Date Course Speaker
02/2022 Introduction to general relativity for experimentalists PD Dr. Eva Hackmann
02/2022 Statistical methods in particle physics data analysis PD Dr. Andreas B. Meyer
02/2022 Managing physical and mental health in a high-stress environment Dr. Maurice Maurer

Teaching and Assistance

Date Name
SS 2022 Praktikum Moderne Physik, Winkelkorrelation and Neutronendiffusion