Karlsruhe School of Elementary Particle and Astroparticle Physics: Science and Technology (KSETA)

M.Sc. Martin Gabelmann

Institute for Theoretical Physics

Group: Muehlleitner
Room: 12-17
Phone: +49 (0)721 608 43583
E-mail: martin.gabelmann@kit.edu
Title and date of Phd: Two-Loop Corrections to Higgs boson Masses in the NMSSM, Oct. 22nd 2021

Research interests

  • Higher-order corrections to Higgs Boson masses in supersymmetric quantum field theories
  • Low-energy effective field theories and their capabilities compared to complete models
  • Extended Higgs sectors
  • Split Supersymmetry

PhD Topic

In my PhD I study 2-loop corrections to Higgs Boson masses in the complex Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (cNMSSM) in a special renormalization scheme to give a new estimate of the theoretical uncertentaies of missing higher-order corrections.

Publications (reviewed)

[1] Martin Gabelmann, Margarete Muehlleitner, and Florian Staub. Automatised matching between two scalar sectors at the one-loop level. Eur. Phys. J., C79(2):163, 2019. [ bib | DOI | arXiv ]
[2] Martin Gabelmann, Margarete M. Muehlleitner, and Florian Staub. The Singlet Extended Standard Model in the Context of Split Supersymmetry. Phys. Rev., D100:075026, 2019. [ bib | DOI | arXiv ]
[3] Thi Nhung Dao, Martin Gabelmann, Margarete Mühlleitner, and Heidi Rzehak. Two-Loop O((αtλκ)2) Corrections to the Higgs Boson Masses in the CP-Violating NMSSM. J. High Energ. Phys., page 54, 6 2021. [ bib | DOI | arXiv ]

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Publications (in peer-review)

[1] Martin Gabelmann, M. Margarete Mühlleitner, and Jonas Müller. Electroweak Phase Transitions with BSM Fermions. 7 2021. [ bib | arXiv ]

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Conferences and Talks

  • 8th KSETA Plenary Workshop, Sep 2021 (Durbach)
  • Electroweak Phase Transitions with BSM Fermions
    • SUSY (Shanghai), Aug. 2021 (slides)
  • Pre-SUSY Summer School, Aug 2021
  • Co-Organizer: Annual Meeting of the CRC TRR 257, May 2021
  • Overview-Talk on g-2 (ITP-Seminar), May 2021
  • Two-Loop Higgs Boson Masses in the CP-Violating NMSSM
    • DPG Tagung (Dortmund), Mar 2021 (slides)
    • 8th KSETA Plenary Workshop (Durbach), Sep 2021 (slides)
  • Precision Higgs Boson Mass Predictions in the (split) (N)MSSM
    • Wuerzburg Theory Seminar, Nov 2020 (slides)
  • Co-Organizer: Annual Meeting of the CRC TRR 257, Sep 2020
  • Co-Organizer: Young Scientists Forum of the CRC TRR 257, June 2020
  • Catastrophic Goldstones in Supersymmetric Higgs Boson masses
    • TTP/ITP BSM Seminar (KIT), April 2020 (slides)
    • ITP Seminar (KIT), Dec 2019
  • 7th KSETA Plenary Workshop, Feb 2020 (Durbach)
  • KUTS, Nov 2019 (Munich)
  • KIT-NEP'19 - Theory Challenges in Higher-Order NEw Physics Calculations, 2019 (Karlsruhe)
  • GK Workshop, Sep 2019 (Pforzheim-Hohenwart)
  • GridKa School - The Art of Data, Aug 2019 (Karlsruhe)
  • Automised EFT Higgs Masses in Non-Minimal Scalar Sectors
    • KUTS (Dresden), 2019 (slides)
  • Precise Higgs Mass Predictions In Low-Energy EFTs
    • DPG-Verhandlungen (Aachen), 2019 (slides)
  • 6th KSETA Plenary Workshop, Feb 2019 (Durbach)
  • NLO Matching Conditions In Extended Higgs Sectors
    • Planck, 2018 (Bonn) From the Planck Scale to the Electroweak Scale (slides)
    • DPG-Verhandlungen (Wuerzburg), 2018 (slides)
  • The Future of Particle Physics - A Quest for Guiding Principles, Oct 2018, Karlsruhe (KIT)
  • GK Workshop, Sep 2018 (Bad Herrenalb)
  • Working Group Meeting, Apr 2018 (Lisbon)
  • KUTS, Jan 2018, Paris (LPTHE)
  • Higgs-Automator mini-workshop, Oct 2017, Paris (LPTHE)
  • KUTS, Jul 2017, Karlsruhe (KIT)

KSETA activities and Topical Courses

  • Broad introduction into modern experimental particle physics
    • Oct 2021, Frank Hartmann (KIT)
  • Interpretations of quantum mechanics
    • Oct 2020, Roderich Tumulka
  • Feynman Diagrams in Condensed Matter Theory
    • Sep 2020, Markus Garst
  • Graph Theory(with connection to Feynman diagrams)
    • Mar 2020, D. Hespe, S. Lamm, T. Heuer (ITI)
  • Understanding Machine Learning Methods
    • Oct 2019, Stefan Wunsch
  • Excursion to GSI
    • Sep 2019, Darmstadt
  • Introduction to Regge Theory and Gribovs Reggeon calculus
    • Apr 2019, Prof. Dr. Klaus Werner(Univ. Nantes)
  • Old and New Methods for Multi-Loop Calculations
    • Nov 2018, Prof. Vladimir Smirnov (Lomonossow University, Moscow, RU)
  • Unitarity methods
    • Oct 2018, Fernando Febres Cordero (Uni. Freiburg)
  • Cosmology: expanding space and expanding confusion
    • Oct 2018, Bjoern Malte Schaefer (Uni Heidelberg)

(Under)Graduate Studies

  • During my master thesis I developed a computer tool to match arbitrary QFTs that involve very high mass scales onto low-energy effective theoies at the one-loop order. This allows e.g. for a precise prediction of Higgs boson masses.
  • My bachelor thesis dealt with relations between dimension six operators in effective field theories and the consequences by the use of equations of motion during basis changes.

Administative Roles

  • I'm ITP/TTP IT-Systemadministrator since 2015.
  • Young scientist representative CRC TRR 257